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The Vin Scully in His Own Words Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the legendary broadcaster and the documentary NYC Point Gods. Plus, interviews with tennis players Maxime Cressy and Daria Saville.


Episode Notes

Josh Levin, the New Yorker’s Vinson Cunningham, and Slate’s Henry Grabar take an audio tour of Vin Scully’s broadcasting career. They also discuss the documentary NYC Point Gods. Finally, Josh interviews tennis players Maxime Cressy and Daria Saville.

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• Read obituaries for Vin Scully by Eric Nusbaum in Slate and Bryan Curtis in the Ringer.

• How Scully got a broadcasting gig with the Brooklyn Dodgers at 22 years old.

A complete transcript of Scully’s call of the ninth inning of Sandy Koufax’s 1965 perfect game.

• In 2011, Scully told GQ about his most famous calls.

• The story behind Scully reading a grocery list, via the New York Times.

• Watch the trailer for the Showtime documentary NYC Point Gods.

• In New York magazine, Zak Cheney-Rice asks: “Is New York Still the Center of the Basketball Universe?

• Is Maxime Cressy the most improved tennis player ever?

• Cressy annoyed his opponents at the 2019 Cleveland Challenger.

• The New York Times’ Matthew Futterman wrote about Cressy in June.

Daria Saville’s 2020 interview with Behind the Racquet.

• Saville’s behind-the-scenes Instagram post about a day at the Citi Open with her husband Luke.

Saville’s anti-war message from February.

• Saville’s friend, Russian player Daria Kasatkina, recently came out and criticized the Russian government.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Shannon Bobbitt:

Josh’s Shannon Bobbitt: Is the Shammgod really the Pooh Allen? Or the Dejan Bodiroga?

On this week’s bonus segment, Josh, Vinson, and Henry discuss Henry’s story on all the great baseball players who now play on the West Coast, and what if anything should be done about it.

Podcast production and edit by Kevin Bendis.

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