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The Roe and Women Athletes Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Roe getting overturned, Arch Manning, and Ohio State trademarking the.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by Olympic gold medalist Crissy Perham to discuss what Roe v. Wade getting overturned means for women athletes. They also discuss Arch Manning’s decision to play football at the University of Texas and Ohio State getting a trademark on the word “the.”

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• Crissy Perham told the New York Times’ Kurt Streeter and ESPN’s Tisha Thompson why she told her abortion story and joined the athletes’ amicus brief in Dobbs v. Women’s Health.

• Billy Witz in the New York Times: “Oklahoma’s Abortion Law Raises Questions About NCAA’s Softball World Series

• In 2017, track star Sanya Richards-Ross revealed that she’d had an abortion in advance of the 2008 Olympics.

• The No. 1 recruit in the country, Arch Manning, is going to the University of Texas.

• Phil Simms’ son Chris signed with Texas in 1999.

The top quarterback recruits of the last 20 years include Vince Young, Matthew Stafford, and Max Browne.

• The Ohio State University received a trademark on the word the.

• The phony history behind Penn State’s “We Are” chant.

• In their paper, “Mark of the Devil: The University as Brand Bully,” Duke law professors James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins report that Duke has fought trademarks for “Pretty Devil” slot machines, “Blue Ball Chiller” alcoholic drink, and the “Do Your Dooty!!—Major Duke” toilet deodorant and toilet footstool.

• In 2018, the Associated Press reported on other university efforts, including Boise State attempting to trademark all non-green football fields.

• Retired running back Robert Smith says he started the trend of Ohio State alumni emphasizing the “the” during NFL player introductions.

Watch a compilation of every NFL team’s player intros on “Monday Night Football.”

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Texas horned lizard:

Josh’s Texas horned lizard: Billie Jean King’s abortion story came out in 1972. Now, she says, “If we lose the ability to control our bodies and our futures, so many of the gains women have made will be undone.”

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh discuss the biggest stars and biggest disappointments of the U.S. track and field championships.

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