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The Tom Brady’s $375 Million Deal Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the NBA playoffs and the NFL legend’s megabucks TV contract.


Episode Notes

Vinson Cunningham, Josh Levin, and Ben Mathis-Lilley talk about the Mavs’ shocking win over the Suns, the Celtics’ romp over the Bucks, the 76ers’ flameout, and other NBA playoff happenings. They also discuss Tom Brady’s megabucks contract to call NFL games for Fox.

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• Try to solve Stefan’s Los Angeles Times crossword.

• Zach Kram in the Ringer on the shocking stats from the Mavericks’ Game 7 win over the Suns.

Luka Doncic smiling at Devin Booker is America’s new favorite meme.

Grant Williams shot the Celtics past the Bucks.

• Giannis Antetokounmpo took the loss extremely well.

• Jimmy Butler asks: “Tobias Harris over me?

• Yaron Weitzman’s Twitter thread on why the 76ers let Butler go.

Tom Brady will join Fox as an NFL announcer after he retires.

• Yahoo’s Jeff Eisenberg: “Why is Fox willing to pay Tom Brady $375 million?

• Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker discuss Brady’s big move on the Ringer’s Press Box podcast.

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Ben’s Bennett’s Prune Juice: Greg Norman, Joe Biden, and what it’s OK to say about Saudi Arabia.

On this week’s bonus segment, Vinson, Josh, and Ben discuss the Cincinnati Reds losing a game in which they gave up no hits and other amazing individual non-victorious feats.

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