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The Coach K’s Last Home Game Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the MLB lockout, Brittney Griner, and the Duke legend’s goodbye to Cameron Indoor Stadium.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by Yahoo’s Hannah Keyser to discuss the baseball lockout. They also talk about WNBA star Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia and assess the spectacle of Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski’s final home game.

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Follow Hannah Keyser on Twitter and read her latest report on the Major League Baseball lockout.

• ESPN’s Jeff Passan called the lockout a “self-inflicted crisis.”

• The players have agreed to some concessions on rule changes, including a pitch clock, the size of the bases, and the infield shift.

• The New York Times’ report on Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia.

• Defector’s Tom Ley: “Brittney Griner Should Have Never Been in This Situation

• The crazy story of Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and Shabtai Kalmanovich.

• Howard Megdal’s Sports Illustrated piece on the WNBA’s charter flight scandal.

• The Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore on Russian players in the NHL.

Duke fans were sad about the Blue Devils’ loss to North Carolina in Mike Krzyzewski’s final home game.

• Wright Thompson’s ESPN profile of Coach K.

Josh’s 2021 Slate piece on Krzyzewski’s mission.

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On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh discuss Wilson’s heartbreaking (for Stefan) loss to Sidwell in the D.C. State Athletic Association boys’ basketball championship game.

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