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Slate’s sports podcast on Russia, the James basketball family, and Lia Thomas.


Episode Notes

Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and the New Yorker’s Vinson Cunningham discuss the sports world’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They also talk about LeBron James’ plan to play alongside his son Bronny. And ESPN’s Katie Barnes joins Stefan and Josh for a conversation about Lia Thomas, the trans swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania who’s setting records amid controversy over whether she should be eligible to compete against other women.

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• The International Judo Federation suspended Vladimir Putin as its honorary president.

• FIFA suspended Russia from the World Cup, while the IOC “strongly condemns the breach of the Olympic Truce.”

• LeBron James told the Athletic’s Jason Lloyd: “My last year will be played with my son.”

• TrueHoop’s David Thrope asks, “Can Bronny play?”

• The Athletic’s Ari Wasserman answers the question: “If Arch Manning had a different name, would he still generate all this buzz?”

Follow Katie Barnes on Twitter and read their recent coverage of transgender Penn swimmer Lia Thomas and transgender athletes.

• The New York Times and Washington Post have covered the debate over the fairness of Thomas swimming against other women.

• Post columnist Megan McArdle wrote that the public conversation about Thomas has been “driven not by due deliberation, but by fear.”

• At the Ivy League women’s swimming championships, Suzy Weiss talked to parents who opposed Thomas’ participation.

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On this week’s bonus segment, Stefan, Josh, and Vinson Cunningham discuss the latest rumors about Zion Williamson and the Pelicans.

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