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The Chess King Wins Again Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Formula 1, college sports and NIL, and the world chess championship.


Episode Notes

Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Slate’s Alex Kirshner talk about the controversial ending to the Formula 1 season. Next, they examine the opening months of college sports’ name, image, and likeness era. Finally, Stefan and Josh are joined by author and chess champion Jennifer Shahade to assess Magnus Carlsen’s latest world title.

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• The Guardian’s report on Max Verstappen’s controversial win over Lewis Hamilton.

• Alex’s Slate piece: “The Formula 1 Championship Is a Dramatic, Hateful Spectacle

• Kirshner in Global Sport Matters on the beginning of college sports’ name, image, and likeness era.

• The New York Times on what NIL deals look like in practice.

• Matt Brown’s Extra Points newsletter on the NCAA threatening Miami and BYU over NIL and the big-money deals Quinn Ewers signed before transferring away from Ohio State.

Follow Jennifer Shahade on Twitter and pre-order her book Chess Queens.

Magnus Carlsen beat Ian Nepomniachtchi to win the chess world championship.

• Matt Gaffney in Slate on the world championship, and the title aspirations of teenage upstart Alireza Firouzja.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly “Tina at the Teardrop Inn”:

Josh’s Tina at the Teardrop Inn: The Marshall Islands may have gotten blown out by Australia in basketball, but the Marshallese still love the game.

On this week’s bonus segment, Stefan and Josh debate which sports are the least remunerative. Is it racewalking? Telemark skiing?

Podcast production and edit by Kevin Bendis.

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