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The NBA’s New Rules Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Gary Patterson, pro basketball rule changes, and the Blackhawks sexual assault case.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin discuss the ouster of Joel’s old football coach, TCU’s Gary Patterson. They also talk about how the NBA’s new rules are changing pro basketball. Finally, the New York Times’ Kevin Draper joins for a conversation about the Chicago Blackhawks’ cover-up of an alleged sexual assault.

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• TCU and its football coach Gary Patterson have “agreed to mutually part ways.”

• S.L. Price’s 2011 Sports Illustrated profile of Patterson.

A rundown of the NBA’s rule changes, with illustrative video examples.

• Nate Duncan’s Twitter thread of James Harden not getting calls.

• ESPN’s Kevin Pelton says Harden’s slow start hasn’t been caused by the referees.

Follow Kevin Draper on Twitter and read his coverage of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against a former coach for the Chicago Blackhawks.

In an emotional interview with Rick Westhead of TSN, 31-year-old Kyle Beach identified himself as the player at the center of the 2010 abuse allegations.

Read Westhead’s coverage of the case.

An investigative report commissioned by the Blackhawks found that senior team executives ignored Beach’s accusations.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Mr. B’s Sports Page:

Stefan’s Mr. B’s Sports Page: On the racist roots of the “tomahawk chop” music, from “Indian Intermezzo” in the early 1900s to Captain Kangaroo in the 1950s.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh discuss the NAACP’s call for free agents not to sign with Texas teams.

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