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The Turmoil at Jeopardy! Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Sha’Carri Richardson, Draymond and KD, and Jeopardy!


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson and Stefan Fatsis talk with track writer Jojo Gretschel about sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson’s last-place finish in her return from a suspension. They’re joined by former pro basketball player Rod Benson to discuss Draymond Green’s revealing conversation with Kevin Durant and the future of athlete-driven sports media. Finally, an interview with Claire McNear of the Ringer about her blockbuster reporting that brought down the new host of Jeopardy!

Joel went down to defeat in a trivia tournament on Bomani Jones’s ESPN podcast, The Right Time.

•  Follow Jojo Gretschel on Twitter and subscribe to her newsletter, Big Track Energy.

• In her return to competition after testing positive for marijuana at the U.S. Olympic trials, sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson finished last at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Ore.

• Listen to Richardson’s defiant post-race interview but also her more-measured comments to reporters later.

• Two weeks after winning Olympic gold, 19-year-old Athing Mu broke her American record in the 800 meters.

•  Follow Rod Benson on Twitter and check out his artwork.

• Watch Draymond Green’s interview with Kevin Durant on Bleacher Report about the breakup of the Golden State Warriors dynasty and more.

• In SF Gate, Benson wrote about the interview and the evolution of sports media toward athlete-controlled content

Follow Claire McNear on Twitter and buy her book, Answers in the Form of Questions: A Definitive History and Insider’s Guide to Jeopardy!

• Read McNear’s story in the Ringer about the offensive comments that forced Mike Richards to step down as Alex Trebek’s replacement as the host of Jeopardy!

• In Slate, Myles McNutt wrote that Jeopardy! needs to think less about its past and more about its future.”

• Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Ron Hextall:

• Stefan’s Ron Hextall: In American Ultimate Disc League action, the DC Breeze beat the Raleigh Flyers in sudden-death double overtime.

• On this week’s bonus segment, Joel and Stefan continue their conversation with Rod Benson about his peripatetic basketball career, quitting the sport, and his work as a writer.

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