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The Did the Supreme Court Just Kill the NCAA? Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the NBA playoffs, NCAA v. Alston, and Shelby Houlihan.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin discuss NBA injuries, Kevin Durant’s heroics, and Ben Simmons’ struggles. Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern also joins to assess the Supreme Court’s decision in NCAA v. Alston. Finally, David Epstein weighs the evidence in the case of distance runner Shelby Houlihan, who claims her positive drug test came from eating a burrito.

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LeBron James’ thread about NBA injuries.

Injuries were up this season, according to data from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton.

Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid did not exactly lavish praise on Ben Simmons after the Philadelphia 76ers’ Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Follow Mark Joseph Stern on Twitter and read his piece on the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in NCAA v. Alston.

In Sportico, sports law professor Michael McCann called the ruling one of the most significant sports law decisions in U.S. history.

Read the full Supreme Court opinion here.

Follow David Epstein on Twitter, listen to his podcast How To!, and buy his books The Sports Gene and Range.

NPR’s Bill Chappell on Shelby Houlihan’s doping suspension and her burrito excuse.

Lindsey Crouse’s New York Times piece on how antidepressants almost cost Brenda Martinez her career.

The case of Jarrion Lawson and the beef teriyaki bowl.

Hang Up and Listen’s Weekly Carl Grove:

Stefan’s Carl Grove: After Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions died on the field in 1971, Howard Cosell delivered a tone deaf highlights package about the game.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh talk about the stars of the U.S. track and field trials, including Sha’Carri Richardson and Allyson Felix.

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