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The What Happened to Christian Eriksen Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the Danish soccer star’s shocking collapse, baseball pitchers and sticky stuff, and sports in 1984.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin discuss Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen’s shocking collapse at the UEFA European Championship. Stephanie Apstein of Sports Illustrated also joins to talk about baseball pitchers slathering the ball with goo. Finally, Stefan and Josh interview Jon Wertheim about Glory Days, his new book on sports in 1984.

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• In a harrowing scene, Denmark soccer star Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated on the field during the team’s opening match of the Euro 2020 tournament.

• The Danish team disputed organizer UEFA’s contention that the players chose to complete the match shortly after Eriksen’s collapse.

• Eriksen’s collapse was reminiscent of on-field cardiac tragedies in soccer and other sports, including the deaths of basketball players Reggie Lewis in 1993 and Hank Gathers in 1990 and NFL player Chuck Hughes in 1971.

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• Apstein and Alex Prewitt’s Sports Illustrated story, “The New Steroids,” about pitchers using illegal substances on balls.

• Apstein and Prewitt profiled a fired Los Angeles Angels clubhouse manager who says he supplied pitchers with “sticky stuff” for 15 years.

ESPN’s Buster Olney reported that Major League Baseball is “finalizing a memo” on the enforcement of rules against using foreign substances.

“Spin rates” plummeted after baseball announced it would begin cracking down on pitchers.

• One popular substance used by pitchers, Spider Tack, was invented so strongmen could get a better grip on giant boulders.

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