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The Old Man Mickelson Wins a Major Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the NBA playoffs, Phil Mickelson, and Tim Tebow’s NFL return.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson and Josh Levin are joined by Shutdown Fullcast’s Spencer Hall to discuss the start of the NBA playoffs and the spate of injuries befalling NBA stars. They also discuss Phil Mickelson’s PGA Championship triumph and Tim Tebow’s possible NFL return.

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• Nick Greene in Slate on LeBron James’ play-in tournament heroics.

• TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott on “a meat grinder of an NBA season.”

• Alex Kirshner’s Slate piece on Phil Mickelson’s PGA Championship win and “the total Phil Mickelson experience.”

• Brendan Porath in The Fried Egg on how Mickelson took control at the PGA Championship.

Mickelson’s logo.

• Kirshner in Slate: “The Jaguars’ Tim Tebow Signing Puts Urban Meyer’s Worst Habit on Full Display

• Tebow’s Jaguars jersey instantly became the NFL’s top-selling item.

Tebow is partnering with the governor of Tennessee to “fight human trafficking.”

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Josh’s Robert Marchand: The found art of Major League Baseball transaction logs.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Josh, and Spencer Hall talk about a high school football player opting out of his senior year, basketball recruits skipping college to sign with the Overtime Elite league, and a high school junior going straight to the NBA’s G League.

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