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The Mystery of Kyrie Irving Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the NFL playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets, and HBO’s Tiger Woods documentary.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Josh Levin, and special guest Damon Young of Very Smart Brothas talk about Drew Brees, the NFL concussion protocol, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ gutsy fourth-down call. They also discuss the Brooklyn Nets’ trade for James Harden and Kyrie Irving’s absence from the team. Finally, they review the HBO documentary Tiger.

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• Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid says that Patrick Mahomes might have come back into the game in the days before the NFL’s concussion protocol.

• Peter King on the Chiefs’ shocking fourth-down play call.

• Nick Greene in Slate on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

• Kyrie Irving is back with the Brooklyn Nets.

• Damon’s piece on Irving’s years-long beef with the media.

Jack Hamilton in Slate on Irving.

• Josh talked about Tiger Woods on the first ever episode of Hang Up and Listen on July 6, 2009.

• Josh’s piece about Woods’ apology press conference in 2010.

• Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg called the HBO documentary Tigerunauthorized and salacious.”

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Joslyn James:

Joel’s Joslyn James: The time Hakeem Olajuwon wanted out of Houston.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel and Josh talk about whether pro athletes should get the COVID vaccine early.

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