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The New York Jets Are Bad Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the Jets, Russell Westbrook and John Wall, and Russell Dinkins’ quest to save college track.

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Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin talk about the most recent humiliation of the winless New York Jets. They also discuss the Rockets’ and Wizards’ Russell Westbrook / John Wall swap. Finally, they speak with runner and activist Russell Dinkins about his quest to save men’s college track, which he describes as “the only sport in the NCAA where schools cannot profit from Black athlete labor.”

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• The New York Jets blitzed everyone in the last seconds against the Las Vegas Raiders. It didn’t work, and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams got fired.

• The Jets’ head coach, supposed quarterback guru Adam Gase, admitted that he hasn’t helped develop quarterback Sam Darnold.

• In October, Slate’s Nick Greene wrote that the Jets were terrible even by Jets standards.

• The Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards swapped point guards Russell Westbrook and John Wall.

• Westbrook and Wall are on every list of the NBA’s worst contracts.

Josh’s 2010 Men’s Health piece on John Wall.

Follow Russell Dinkins on Twitter.

• Dennis Young’s New York Daily News piece on Dinkins’ quest to save college track.

• Dinkins’ op-eds about the proposed track cuts at Brown University and the University of Minnesota.

• An Instagram video titled “Clemson Has a Tradition of Exploiting Black Labor for Profit

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Sam Millers:

Joel’s Sam Miller: The University of Houston deserved better than getting cast aside after the dissolution of the Southwest Conference.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh discuss the game of the year in college football: BYU (?) vs. Coastal Carolina (???).

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