Hang Up and Listen

The After the NBA Strike Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on social justice and the NBA, John Thompson, and toxic NFL workplaces.

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Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Josh Levin, and special guest Vinson Cunningham of the New Yorker discuss the aftermath of last week’s NBA strike. They also talk about the life and legacy of Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson. Finally, the Athletic’s Lindsay Jones joins to assess the latest reporting on the toxic culture of the Washington football team.

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• Last week’s emergency podcast on the NBA strike.

Follow Vinson Cunningham on Twitter.

Vinson’s piece in the New Yorker on the NBA strike.

Nick Greene, Tom Scocca, and Jack Hamilton in Slate on the NBA strike.

• Joel’s interview with Wisconsin lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes, who spoke with the Milwaukee Bucks after their decision to go on strike.

• The Celtics’ Jaylen Brown says he’s not sure if NBA owners are going to keep their promises about supporting social justice.

John Thompson’s obituary in the Washington Post.

• Thompson’s protest over the NCAA’s Proposition 42.

• On “Hoya Paranoia.”

Follow Lindsay Jones on Twitter.

• The Washington Post’s latest investigation of the Washington football team implicates owner Dan Snyder.

Snyder’s statement about the Post story.

• Jones’ piece in the Athletic: “The NFL never had its Me Too reckoning. Let Washington be where it starts.”

• Jones’ piece on new Washington team president Jason Wright.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly David Wingates:

Joel’s David Wingate: Remembering Cliff Robinson and the 1990-1991 Portland Trail Blazers.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Josh, and Vinson discuss Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell, and the offensive excellence of the modern NBA.

Podcast production and edit by Melissa Kaplan.

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A weekly sports discussion show from Slate. Hang Up and Listen features Slate personalities Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin.

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  • Josh Levin is Slate’s national editor. He is the host of Season 4 of Slow Burn and co-hosts the sports podcast Hang Up and Listen. He is the author of The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth.

  • Joel Anderson is a staff writer at Slate and the host of Season 3 of Slow Burn. Previously, he worked as a reporter on sports, culture, and politics for ESPN and BuzzFeed News.