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The Cam Newton Is Going to New England Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Cam Newton replacing Tom Brady, protest messages on jerseys, and Morehouse College canceling fall sports.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and special guest Gene Demby of NPR’s Code Switch discuss the New England Patriots’ signing of free-agent quarterback Cam Newton. Then they examine the new wave of on-field expression in pro sports—from mass kneeling to “Black Lives Matter” on jerseys. Finally, Morehouse College athletic director Javarro Edwards joins to talk about the historically black school’s decision to cancel all fall sports because of the coronavirus.

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• ESPN’s Bill Barnwell wrote that Cam Newton’s signing by New England could be “the bargain of the offseason” and the Ringer’s Kevin Clark called it “a great idea.”

• The NFL punished the Patriots for illegally filming two other teams.

• Cam Newton’s Instagram account is hard to read but he seems excited to be joining the Patriots.

• The NBA plans to allows players to wear messages of support for social justice or other causes on their jerseys.

• Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies apologized for suggesting that he would wear an explicit anti-police slogan.

• Virtually all National Women’s Soccer League players took a knee to protest racism and police brutality as the league restarted over the weekend.

• Rachel Hill of the Chicago Red Stars faced an online backlash for not taking a knee as her teammate, Casey Short, who is black, broke down.

• The WNBA has been way ahead of most U.S. pro sports leagues in embracing social activism.

• Morehouse College canceled its two fall sports, football and cross country, because of the coronavirus.

• In the Undefeated, David Steele wrote about other historically black colleges and universities canceling games.

• Antonio Morales of the Athletic wrote that that sports programs at HBCUs were struggling financially before the pandemic.

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