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Hang Up and Listen: The Bad Taste on Ice Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on college football, the Lakers, and skaters and Schindler’s List.

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Episode Notes

In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis are joined by Banner Society’s Spencer Hall to discuss college football’s anticlimactic championship weekend and the upcoming college football playoff. The Athletic’s Wosny Lambre also joins to talk about the surging Los Angeles Lakers. Finally, the Wall Street Journal’s Louise Radnofsky explains figure skating’s strange obsession with the music from the Holocaust movie Schindler’s List.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:

Follow Spencer Hall on Twitter.

• Defending national champion Clemson continues to be obsessed with how it’s disrespected.

• Hall on the rise of Joe Burrow and the LSU offense.

Follow Wosny Lambre on Twitter and listen to him on the Count the Dings podcast network.

Anthony Davis scored 50 points as the Lakers ran their record to 21­–3.

The Lakers are playing defense now.

• Kyle Kuzma says “a lot of people are probably jealous” of the Lakers.

Follow Louise Radnofsky on Twitter.

• Radnofsky’s Wall Street Journal piece “In Figure Skating, Is It Ever OK to Perform to Schindler’s List?

• In 2014, Slate’s Justin Peters asked why figure skaters love skating to the theme from Schindler’s List.

The routine that begins with gunshots.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Phantoms:

Stefan’s Phantom: Louisville’s new women’s pro soccer team is named for hard liquor.

Josh’s Phantom: Justice Harry Blackmun remembered a lot of guys in his majority opinion in Flood v. Kuhn.

On this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, Josh and Stefan are joined by Spencer Hall to discuss Lane Kiffin’s return to the SEC and Arkansas’ move to hire offensive line coach Sam Pittman.

Podcast production and edit by Melissa Kaplan.

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