Big Mood, Little Mood

The “Bite Fight” Edition

My husband bit me during a drunken argument. Help!

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Episode Notes

Listeners: This will be the last week of the Dear Prudence podcast, as Danny Lavery is ending his run as Prudence. But keep listening to this feed—Danny’s new show, Big Mood, Little Mood with Danny Lavery, will premiere next week!

Prudence is joined this week by Kate Duffy, a licensed clinical social worker in New York.

Prudie and Duffy dig into letters about what to do when your husband bites your finger during an argument, should you intervene when you hear a neighbor yelling at a child, how to handle finding out that your friend group is always hanging out without you, and how to know if a friendship with your one-time bestie is still salvageable.

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Production by Phil Surkis.


About the Show

Every week, Danny M. Lavery brings on a guest to answer questions from listeners before diving into conversation about relationships, dissatisfaction, drives, regrets, estrangement, embarrassment, self-assessments, and feelings from the monumental to the minute.

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