Big Mood, Little Mood

The “a Gift Too Far” Edition

I love randomly giving presents to all my friends and family throughout the year. My therapist thinks it’s weird. Help!


Episode Notes

Prudence is joined this week by writer Aminatou Sow and journalist Ann Friedman. Together, Sow and Friedman host the long-running podcast Call Your Girlfriend and have recently released their first book, Big Friendship.

Prudie, Sow, and Friedman tackle letters about how to ask your mother-in-law if you can repurpose the very lavish ring she gifted you, what to consider with a young daughter who relentlessly pretends to be demonically possessed, what to do when your boyfriend leaves stains on the bedsheets after masturbating, how to politely follow up with someone who offered to buy you a gift, and what to do when your friends and your therapist feel that your gift-giving is excessive.

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