Dear Prudence

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The “Self-Deprecating Friend” Edition

My friend makes fun of herself in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable. Is there a way to get her to stop? Help!

Episode Notes

This week’s mini episode finds Prudence visited by Krystal Farmer, who works in book publishing and lives in Oakland, California.

Prudie and Farmer discuss a letter writer who is wondering how to stop her teenage daughter from picking at her face, and what to consider about a friend who became disabled due to a car accident and now makes you uncomfortable with her self-deprecating comments.

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Whether it’s a challenge with a lover, a fight with a difficult roommate or boss, or you just like to hear about the challenges other people face, Dear Prudence is the podcast for you. Every week, Prudie and special guests answer questions about relationships, sex, work, family, and life.

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