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“Is Shrinking the Next Ted Lasso?” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Shrinking, the Oscar-nominated film Triangle of Sadness, and etiquette for modern times.


Episode Notes

This week, Dana, Julia, and Stephen start by talking about the new AppleTV+ series Shrinking. Then they discuss the Oscar-nominated film Triangle of Sadness. Finally, they chat about modern etiquette, inspired by The Cut’s piece on the topic. .

In Slate Plus, the panel talks about the closing of the “World’s Best Restaurant” Noma.
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Dana: I have great, great affection for Jason Segel. Nobody is talking about his children’s books. It’s this series called Nightmares! that he co-wrote with Kirsten Miller. There are also two sequels. Any kid about 10 or 11 years old can handle them.

Julia: OG food friend of the program Dan Pashman has followed up his invention of an entirely new pasta shape (Cascatelli) in 2021 with the release of two more shapes: Quattrotini and Vesuvio. These aren’t inventions, they are less commonly found shapes that he is helping bring to a larger audience of eaters. Dan is continuing his partnership with Sfoglini and you can buy the shapes on their site. [Producer note: Gluten free people can enjoy a gf version that Dan made in partnership with Banza.]

Stephen: I enjoyed the Nordic crime series The Bridge. It introduced me to Kim Bodnis, a great actor Americans would get to know as the assassin handler on Killing Eve. I finally caught up with the third season and it’s great.

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