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Culture Gabfest “M3GAN Goes to Camp” edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on M3GAN, the annual Slate Movie Club, and how TikTok is shaping our culture.


Episode Notes

This week, Dana, Julia, and Stephen begin by reviewing the very buzzy horror comedy M3GAN. Then the panel dives into Slate’s annual movie club. Finally, L.A. Times columnist Carolina A. Miranda joins to talk about her article on how TikTok is changing our culture.

In Slate Plus, the panel answers a listener’s question about whether it is more fun to love or hate a piece of art when working as a critic.

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Dana: Eleonor Bindman is an incredible pianist, arranger, and transcriber. Her big thing is transcription of Bach for four-hand piano. I’ve seen her play a duet with another person and the four hands do things the two hands can’t. Her newest release is J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suites (transcribed for piano duet by Eleonor Bindman), which is performed by Bindman and Susan Sobolewski. Also, go follow her on social media and just learn about Bach from her.

Julia: I think regular listeners know that I like to bake. I am endorsing a cookbook that was recommended to me by the L.A. Times newsletter. It’s A Good Day to Bake: Simple Baking Recipes for Every Mood by Benjamina Ebuehi, who was a contestant on The Great British Bake Off. For my husband’s birthday we made a olive oil flourless chocolate cake that you cover in a ganache frosting. Wow, it’s a great recipe.

(Bonus link for listener’s who asked: Julia’s article about her family’s German potato balls.)

Stephen: Zadie Smith has written a definitive essay about the movie that most stayed with me from last year: Tár. It is a masterpiece. My admiration for Zadie Smith as a critic is hitting a zenith and I thought it couldn’t get any higher than it already was. Dear God, the woman is just deft and delightful and deep.

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