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“Is Spirited a Holiday Triumph or a Tap-Dancing Disaster?” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Spirited, Showtime’s Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas?, and the culture around sending and receiving holiday cards.


Episode Notes

This week, the Gabfest team starts by discussing Spirited, the new AppleTV+ musical comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. Then, they talk about comedian Matt Rogers’ new Showtime special, Have You Heard It’s Christmas?. Finally, a chat about the sending and receiving of holiday cards.

In Slate Plus, the panel talks about when the holiday season officially begins for each of them.

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Dana: Natalie Walker is a wonderful actress, singer, and performer. Your Christmas gift from me is to send you down a rabbit hole of her work, and I suggest that you start with her performance of the song Cabaret. She was in Matt Rogers’ special but not singing or performing cabaret.

(Also, listeners have requested information about Dana’s book events. Here is the information about her upcoming event in Berkeley.)

Julia: About 10 years ago on the show I described my favorite childhood picture book which was long out of print. Well now for some reason the book is being republished in a new edition in the U.S. and Australia. The book is Need a House? Call Miss Mouse! and it is written by George Mendoza and illustrated by Susan Smith.  I am so glad this book is going to be available.

Steve: This is one of the weirder endorsements I think I’ve ever dropped. I’m endorsing Lana Del Rey. She joins a list of artists who manage to get deep, deep, deep into the weird shallows of the American character. I think there’s something special happening in her music.

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