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Culture Gabfest “Will Elon Musk Ruin Twitter?” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Elon Musk as Chief Twit, the new film Aftersun, and the evolution of Brangelina.


Episode Notes

This week, the panel begins by talking about Elon Musk taking over Twitter. Then, a discussion about the new film Aftersun. Finally, Angelica Jade Bastién joins to talk about her recent article about Brangelina.

In Slate Plus, the panel takes on a listener question and talks about swap casting.

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Dana: I know I’m constantly endorsing things on the Criterion Channel! They are streaming the noir films of 20th Century Fox all month long. I don’t know why noir has become associated with November. Maybe it goes with the shortening days and the gloomy shadows of November.

Julia: A slightly odd endorsement today. People really seem to think they can disrupt underwear. I don’t really know why. But, I have been a skeptic until now. Finally the platonic underwear has been designed. Knickey high-rise briefs. It’s just too good.

Steve: The thing that’s given me the most joy is the Richard Wilbur poem Castles and Distances from 1950. I was in the mood for Wilbur and I found one I had never read before. It’s so cool. So sadly apposite to modern experience, especially with Elon Musk in the news and tech barons.

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