Culture Gabfest

“Raiders of the Lost Childhood” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Fablemans, Welcome to Chippendales, and the monopoly that is Ticketmaster.


Episode Notes

This week, Sam Adams sits in for Julia as the panel reviews Steven Spielberg’s new semi-autobiographical film, The Fablemans. Then, a discussion about the Hulu limited series Welcome to Chippendales. Finally, a chat about Ticketmaster.

In Slate Plus, the panel answers a listener question about the songs that make us cry.

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Dana: Inspired by chatting about the new Chippendales series this week, my endorsement is the true, non-fictionalized version of the story told by the podcast Welcome to Your Fantasy

Sam: Endorsing a very specific version of A Christmas Carol. The one-man show version currently on Broadway performed by Jefferson Mays is excellent. Sometimes I find myself wondering if there is any need for another version of A Christmas Carol and this sort of answers that question.

Steve:  Singer/songwriter Jessica Pratt is very highly regarded and I wanted to get into her music, but I had trouble until I listened to the song, Back, Baby. Also, saxophonist Ike Quebec. I am absolutely digging his album Blue & Sentimental.

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Outro music is “Stone Cookies” by Dusty Decks


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New York Times critic Dwight Garner says, “The Slate Culture Gabfest is one of the highlights of my week.” The award-winning Culturefest features Slate culture critics Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner debating the week in culture, from highbrow to pop.

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  • Sam Adams is a Slate senior editor and the editor of Slate’s culture blog, Brow Beat.

  • Dana Stevens is Slate’s movie critic.

  • Stephen Metcalf is Slate’s critic at large. He is working on a book about the 1980s.