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Culture Gabfest “Licorice Dystopia” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on Severance, Licorice Pizza, and the video essay boom.


Episode Notes

This week, senior editor at Slate, Allegra Frank, fills in for Steve as the panel begins by debating the enjoyability of Apple TV+’s new star-studded thriller Severance. Then, the panel digs into Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest Oscar contender Licorice Pizza. Finally, the panel discusses longform YouTube videos and the rise and fall of attention spans, inspired by Terry Nguyen’s article “The video essay boom” for Vox. Referenced video essays include: Mike’s Mic on Pretty Little Liars, Jenny Nicholson on Dear Evan Hansen, and Quinton Reviews on Victorious.

In Slate Plus, the panel discusses thematic aversions they have in films.
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Julia: Endorsing Six Seasons: a New Way With Vegetables by Joshua McFadden and Martha Holmberg, which has lots of delicious recipes that are designed for your farmer’s market finds. Particularly, this salad which features hakurei turnips.

Allegra: The podcast Dead Eyes from comedian Connor Ratliff about people in the entertainment industry and their long forgotten, lost, and/or canceled projects—inspired by how he was fired from Band of Brothers by Tom Hanks himself because he had “dead eyes.”

Dana: Speaking of video essays, filmmaker Kogonada’s (After Yang, Columbus) video essays which are extremely visual and beautifully edited. They’re all on his website, but Dana specifically shouted out: Breaking Bad // POV, Mirrors of Bergman, Hands of Bresson, and Linklater // On Cinema & Time.

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