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Culture Gabfest “Double Double Rogan in Trouble” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on The Tragedy of Macbeth, the Neil Young-Joe Rogan-Spotify controversy, and the rebranding of the classic M&M’s marketing.


Episode Notes

This week, the panel is first joined by author and co-host of Slate’s Working podcast, Isaac Butler, to discuss the new Joel Coen rendition of The Tragedy of Macbeth. (Buy Isaac’s new book!) Then, the panel is joined by author and Slate correspondent, Justin Peters, to explain the phenomena of Joe Rogan and the recent Spotify controversy. Finally, the panel discusses the decision to rebrand the famous advertising characters of the Mars candy M&M’s.

In Slate Plus, the panel answers listener questions about culture’s relationship to climate change.

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Dana: An episode of the public radio show On the Media from WNYC called “Humans, Being.”

Julia: The endorsement: the Chez Panisse Vegetables cookbook from Alice Waters, owner of the famous California restaurant Chez Panisse. And a request for listeners to send in their favorite salad dressing recipes.

Steve: The song “Sweet Baby” by Prince and The New Power Generation.

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Podcast production by Cameron Drews. Production assistance by Nadira Goffe.

Outro music is “Blue Nights and Yellow Days” by Matt Large.


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