Culture Gabfest

“I Think Jack Antonoff Should Leave” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on Summer of Soul, I Think You Should Leave, and Jack Antonoff’s role in pop music.


Episode Notes

This week Dana is accompanied by Allegra Frank, Slate senior editor. First, the panel is joined by Slate’s music critic Carl Wilson to discuss Summer of Soul, a documentary about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. Next, the panel discusses Season 2 of the Netflix sketch show I Think You Should Leave with Vulture senior editor Jesse David Fox. Finally, Carl returns to talk about the productions of Jack Antonoff.

In Slate Plus, Carl and the panel talk about the concerts they’re looking forward to seeing and the value of the live music experience.

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Outro music is “Bloody Hunter” by Paisley Pink.


Carl: The work of Lauren Berlant, especially “Trump, or Political Emotions.” (And Dana recommends a podcast episode Berlant appeared on: Big Brains’ “Why Chasing the Good Life Is Holding Us Back.”)

Allegra: The video game Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Dana: The website Radio Garden.


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