Culture Gabfest

“Girls on Film” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on The Crown, the TikTok Ratatouille musical, and the future of streaming.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, Steve and Dana kick off the show by talking about season 4 of The Crown with June Thomas, co-host of Slate’s Working podcast. Next, they’re joined by Slate’s Asha Saluja to discuss one of the internet’s latest creations: a TikTok musical based on Ratatouille. Finally, Slate’s Sam Adams comes to talk about his essay on our new streaming world.

In Slate Plus, Steve, Dana, and June discuss Thanksgiving 2020.

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Outro Music: “Backwards” by Staffan Carlen


Dana: Online yoga class! Email Dana at for details.

June: Planning your planners for 2021—especially the Brave Sis Journey-Journal.

Steve: Steve’s own anecdote about “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls (listen to find out!) and the Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers’ cover.


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