Culture Gabfest

The “Democracy Shaken, Not Stirred” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on What the Constitution Means to Me, Sean Connery, and Song Exploder.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, Steve and Dana are joined by guest host Isaac Butler, writer and co-host of Slate’s Working podcast. First, the group talks about What the Constitution Means to Me, the Broadway play now streaming on Amazon. Next, they talk about the legacy of Sean Connery, who passed away last week. Finally, they discuss the new Netflix documentary series Song Exploder, based on the podcast of the same name.

In Slate Plus, the hosts talk with Isaac about the future of the theater industry in pandemic times.

Podcast production by Cameron Drews. Production assistance by Whitney Tesi and Rachael Allen.

Outro Music: “A Sail” by Lisa Hannigan


Dana: Isaac’s interview with Alex Lacamoire on Slate’s Working podcast

To Be or Not to Be and Criterion’s accompanying commentary track

Isaac: John M. Ford’s The Dragon Waiting

The Danish political drama Borgen

Steve: Cowboy Junkies’ cover of “Flirted With You All My Life

Lisa Hannigan’s “A Sail


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