Culture Gabfest

The “Black Lives Matter” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on anti-racist reading lists, cop shows, and citizen-shot videos of police brutality.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, Steve, Dana, and Julia are joined by Lauren Michele Jackson to discuss her recent piece in Vulture, “What Is an Anti-Racist Reading List For?” Then, the panel talks about cop shows during this current moment, jumping off of a recent article in the Washington Post by Alyssa Rosenberg that argues these procedurals that tend to glorify the police should be canceled. Finally, they discuss the power of citizen-shot videos of police brutality that are widely shared on social media.

In Slate Plus, the hosts discuss the New York Times’s decision to publish an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton and what the fallout means for newsrooms today.

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Outro Music: “Cheap Flights” by Dylan Sitts


Dana: Chapter 1 of The Devil Finds Work by James Baldwin

Julia: Season 7 of The Good Wife

Steve: The support of so many community members when Steve and his family protested outside of his nearly all-white small town’s city hall.


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