Culture Gabfest

The “Walking into the Abyss” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on The Plot Against America, walking, and Big Night.


Episode Notes

This week on the Culture Gabfest, Dana Stevens rejoins Stephen Metcalf and Julia Turner from her book leave for a few segments. First, Steve and Dana chat with Slate’s books and culture columnist Laura Miller about The Plot Against America. Next, Steve, Dana, and Julia talk about the power of walking, particularly in this time of quarantine, and the literary history that precedes the activity. Finally, Steve and Julia chat with Slate staff writer Dan Kois about the 1996 film Big Night, a delicious comfort watch.

On the Slate Plus segment this week, the panel checks in with each other about how they’re doing during this time of quarantine.

Podcast production by Jessamine Molli. Production assistance by Rachael Allen.

Outro Music: “Higher Love” cover by Kygo and Whitney Houston.


Dana: “Kasha is the new nutmeg.”

Patti LuPone’s basement tours.

Julia: “Higher Love,” the Whitney Houston and Kygo remix.

Steve: “Buh Black Snake in New England,” by Benjamin Anastas in Oxford American.


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