Culture Gabfest

The “Cows and Capitalism” Edition

Slate Culture Gabfest on First Cow, You’ve Got Mail, and the millennial aesthetic.


Episode Notes

This week on the Culture Gabfest, Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner, and guest host and Slate staff writer Dan Kois talk about Kelly Reichardt’s film First Cow. Next, they bring on Slate television critic Willa Paskin to discuss the latest episode of her podcast Decoder Ring, which dives into the real-life bookstore battle behind You’ve Got Mail. Finally, the panel dives into Molly Fischer’s feature in the Cut on the millennial aesthetic.

On the Slate Plus segment this week, the panel discusses the cancellation of Woody Allen’s memoir.

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Outro Music: “Party All The Time” by Eddie Murphy.

Other items discussed on the show: 

I Made the Oily Cakes From First Cow,” by Dan Kois in Slate.

Bookstores That Live Only in the Mind,” by Dan Kois in the New York Times.


Dan: The March Badness bracket of songs.

Julia: Print out your cooking recipes.

Steve: “Reading Richard Rorty in Tehran” by Samuel Thrope in the Nation.


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