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Talking about disclosure dilemmas, and setting friend boundaries with guest Sunshine.


Episode Notes

Danny Lavery welcomes Sunshine, a Digital Content Producer for the National Birth Equity Collaborative, an organization that fights for the maternal, infant, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing of Black people who can birth.

In a surprise twist on today’s show, Sunshine revealed that they had written a letter which Danny read on our Praise with No Raise episode last year. We recommend checking out Sunshine’s letter from that show (subject: Non-profit Nonsense), and then tuning in to today’s ep to find out how things turned out!

Lavery and Sunshine take on three letters. First, from someone who is wondering how to support a grieving friend who is difficult to be around. Another letter writer is realizing that she doesn’t having much in common with her friend group. A third letter is from someone wondering how to tell their colleague that they’re trans, when the colleague has already assumed they are cis.

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