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The Anti-Adoption Unit

Talking about unsupportive families, burdensome belongings, and unfortunate dog names with guest Frankie Day.


Episode Notes

Danny Lavery welcomes Frankie Day, a writer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lavery and Day take on three letters. First, from someone who is shocked that her family won’t support her adopting a child. Another letter writer is how long they should hold on to their ex’s belongings. Finally, a third letter writer is concerned that he chose a name that also belongs to a dog that is in his friend circle.

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Production by Phil Surkis.


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Every week, Danny M. Lavery brings on a guest to answer questions from listeners before diving into conversation about relationships, dissatisfaction, drives, regrets, estrangement, embarrassment, self-assessments, and feelings from the monumental to the minute.

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