Big Mood, Little Mood

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Talking endless breakups, trans suspicion, and the joys of Moonstruck with guest Margo Donohue.


Episode Notes

Danny Lavery welcomes Margo Donohue, author of Filmed in Brooklyn, and co-host of the podcasts Book Vs. Movie, Dorking Out, and What a Creep.

Lavery and Donohue tackle two letters. First, someone who can no longer support her sister through her years long, turbulent breakup from her ex. Another letter writer has a feeling that their boyfriend might be trans, and is wondering how to bring it up. Plus, Donohue takes us on a deep dive through her new book, Filmed In Brooklyn, which is the result of over two years of writing, researching, and photographing over 250 films that take place and/or shot in Brooklyn.

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Every week, Danny M. Lavery brings on a guest to answer questions from listeners before diving into conversation about relationships, dissatisfaction, drives, regrets, estrangement, embarrassment, self-assessments, and feelings from the monumental to the minute.

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