Big Mood, Little Mood

That Orson Welles Feeling

Talking diet culture, book tours, Orson Welles impressions, and Warhammer with guest Aubrey Gordon.


Episode Notes

On this first episode of Big Mood, Little Mood, Danny Lavery starts to shed his almost five years of being “Dear Prudence” and stretches out with his first guest, Aubrey Gordon. Gordon is a columnist for Self magazine and the author of What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat. She also co-hosts Maintenance Phase, a podcast that debunks and decodes weight loss and wellness trends.

Lavery and Gordon give advice to a letter writer who is unsure about where she stands with her husband after 18 years, and another letter writer whose partner’s picky eating may be a health risk. Also, Lavery and Gordon chop it up on diet culture, book tours, John Candy as Orson Welles, Warhammer, and so, so much more.

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Production by Phil Surkis.


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Every week, Danny M. Lavery brings on a guest to answer questions from listeners before diving into conversation about relationships, dissatisfaction, drives, regrets, estrangement, embarrassment, self-assessments, and feelings from the monumental to the minute.

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