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A high-water mark for women and the law, and then a great unraveling.


Episode Notes

A high water mark for women and the law, followed by a great unraveling. Dahlia Lithwick’s new book Lady Justice: Women, the Law and the Battle to Save America, tells the story of the women lawyers who stood up to Trump and stood up for those unseen and unrepresented by a brutal presidency, and the stories of the women who will fight on in the wake of life-altering decisions from a radicalized Supreme Court.

Lady Justice is also available as an audiobook, and Amicus listeners can get a 25 percen discount by entering the code “AMICUS” at checkout.

Lady Justice : Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America

Dahlia Lithwick, one of the nation’s foremost legal commentators, tells the gripping and heroic story of the women lawyers who fought the racism, sexism, and xenophobia of Donald Trump’s presidency—and won.


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A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.

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