Why the Coming Jan. 6 Hearings Are So Important

Ambassador Norm Eisen on the next chapter in the battle to save democracy


Episode Notes

Dahlia is joined by Ambassador Norm Eisen to discuss the big picture: democracy, the rule of law, and the new volume he has co-written and edited, Overcoming Trumpery: How to Restore Ethics, the Rule of Law, and Democracy. Norm and Dahlia look back to Jan. 6, 2021, and ahead to the coming hearings and the midterms.

In this week’s Amicus Plus segment, Dahlia is joined by Mark Joseph Stern to talk about Ted Cruz’s victory at the Supreme Court, and what it means for what’s left of campaign finance law, the stunning decision out of the 5th circuit that questions the constitutionality of, well, pretty much the whole of the civil service… And Oklahoma’s new abortion ban law that picks up Texas’ vigilante reproductive regulation and runs with it.

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We’ll be back with another episode of Amicus on June 4, when we’ll start coming to you weekly as the Supreme Court’s term hurtles to its conclusion and we are deluged with consequential decisions. We’re hoping you can join us to try to navigate the last few weeks of the term, and its fallout.

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