Politics Masquerading as Law

Rep. Adam Schiff on the Jan. 6 investigation, and the end of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act comes not with a bang but with a shadow docket order.


Episode Notes

Dahlia Lithwick interviews Rep. Adam Schiff about his work on the Jan. 6 select committee and his fears for our democracy. Next, Dahlia is joined by preeminent election law scholar Franita Tolson, who clears up any confusion about what happened in the shadow docket order concerning Merrill v. Milligan, which appears to have kicked away the remaining protections of the Voting Rights Act’s Section 2.

Slate Plus members will have access to Dahlia’s conversation with Mark Joseph Stern about shadow docket shenanigans and Mark’s new beat: Madison Cawthorn, “everybody’s favorite insurrectionist-adjacent representative.”*

Podcast production by Sara Burningham.

Correction, Feb. 14, 2022: This page originally misspelled Madison Cawthorn’s last name.


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