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Republicans Lose Their Minds Over Biden’s Employer Vaccine Mandate

An anti-vaccination protester uses a bullhorn and holds a sign that says STOP MEDICAL TYRANNY and an American flag as he takes part in a rally against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
Uh-huh. Ringo Chiu/Getty Images

President Joe Biden informed the country Thursday that the administration was about to get far more aggressive in combating the continued surge in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, all of which have been fueled by the delta variant and a *certain* segment of the American population’s unwillingness to get vaccinated. That will mean mandatory vaccinations (or weekly testing) for all federal employees and a so-called employer mandate that will apply to American businesses with more than a hundred employees. The mandates could affect as many as 80 million American workers or roughly two-thirds of the American workforce. Many companies, such as McDonald’s and Delta Air Lines, have already required that their employees be vaccinated; now, companies that fail to adhere to the mandate could face penalties up to $14,000 per infraction.


In response to Biden trying to end the pandemic, Republicans were very upset. Very, very upset. Here were some of their freedom-loving responses.

• South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: “South Dakota will stand up to defend freedom. Joe Biden see you in court,” Noem tweeted.

• Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: “Biden’s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses,” Abbott tweeted. “Texas is already working to halt this power grab.”

• Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tweeted: “The Biden Administration’s recent announcement seeking to dictate personal freedom and private business decisions is an insult to our American principles of individual liberty and free enterprise.”

• Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: “I will pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration,” Kemp tweeted.


• Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon tweeted: “I have asked the Attorney General to stand prepared to take all actions to oppose this administration’s unconstitutional overreach of executive power. It has no place in America. Not now, and not ever.”

• RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: “Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate,” McDaniel said in a statement. “Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden’s unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees, but when his decree goes into effect, the RNC will sue the administration to protect Americans and their liberties.”

• Indiana Rep. Jim Banks tweeted: “Unvaccinated Lives Matter!”

And scene.