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White Nationalist Appointed by Trump to Holocaust Commission Praised Jeffrey Epstein for Not Being “a Pussy”

The White House, illuminated brightly against a purple-blue night sky.
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Warning: As you know from reading the headline, there’s bad language coming up … and it’s bad language being used by a racist … to praise Jeffrey Epstein! Dang!

The individual who used the language in question is named Darren Beattie. Beattie was a White House speechwriter who was grudgingly fired in 2018 after CNN revealed that he’d appeared on a 2016 panel with white nationalist publisher Peter Brimelow and a woman who wrote a book about how it was a mistake for South Africa to get rid of apartheid. Shortly after his firing, a think tank Beattie was associated with shut down its alumni listserv when Holocaust denier and eugenics advocate Chuck Johnson, who had written to the listserv to defend Beattie, suggested the United States ought to remain “majority white.” Beattie then got a job working for Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters in the House, and has continued to do things like retweeting the work of Nick Fuentes, who participated in the 2017 neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has said that he considers it “a necessity” for “white people to have a homeland.”

This week, the Trump administration pulled Beattie back into the news by appointing him to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, whose duties include commemorating the Holocaust. That’s great stuff all on its own, but then HuffPost checked his recent social media history and found this gem:

From the rest of Beattie’s Twitter posts on the day he sent this, it appears that he was upset that Barr—Trump’s loyal and partisan attorney general—is not doing enough to prosecute “antifa”-style left-wing groups. (This despite Barr’s connection to the killing of a self-described antifa activist and murder suspect in Oregon by U.S. Marshals, an incident Trump has boasted about as if it were an extrajudicial execution.) The implication, I guess, is that Barr … should have the courage to kill himself in shame? I don’t know! There are like 17 angles to this story and they’re all bad!