Goodbye, Kayleigh McEnany (and Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer)

Sean Spicer speaks at the White House press room lectern while flanked by identical pictures of Trump's inauguration crowd taken from a flattering angle.
Sean Spicer lies about the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd during the Trump administration’s first press conference in the White House on Jan. 21, 2017. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Goodbye, Trump spokesmen and spokeswomen!

Goodbye, making farcically absurd claims about the size of the inauguration crowd at the first press conference of the presidency!

Goodbye, referring to German death camps as “Holocaust centers” for some reason!

Goodbye, creating a weekslong story about being abused and victimized because you were politely asked to leave a restaurant while your colleagues were separating young children from their parents permanently at the southern border!

And goodbye, lying about whether separating children from their parents was the intent of your border policy (it was).


Goodbye, going more than a year (!) without holding a press briefing!

Goodbye, claiming indignantly that the president wasn’t doing some terrible thing only for him to brag explicitly about doing it like 10 minutes later (I don’t have a specific example for this one because it happened about a thousand times!).

Goodbye, speaking to reporters without a mask on during a workplacewide coronavirus outbreak!

Goodbye, getting your job as White House press secretary in the first place by asserting on cable news that there was no danger the coronavirus would spread to the United States!

We’d say we wish you success in your future endeavors, but that would be lying. And nobody likes a liar!


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