What Twitter Has to Say About Election Day

Check out the instant spin room.

Side-by-side photos of Joe Biden, tinted blue, facing Donald Trump, tinted red
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images and Joe Raedle/AFP via Getty Images.

Election Day is finally here—but we have many painful hours to wait until results (potentially) roll in. Maybe you’ve already voted and will spend the day doom-scrolling. Maybe you’re reading this while waiting in line at your polling place. Regardless, we’ve prepared you something to keep you entertained (or anxious): the instant spin room.

We’ve rounded up top liberal and conservative commentators to walk you through what they’re seeing and predicting in today’s voting. Below you’ll see liberal tweets on the left and conservative tweets on the right. Or if you’re more interested in the numbers, see our spin room of state and national commentators.

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