What Twitter Has to Say About the Vice Presidential Debate

Check out the instant spin room.

Kamala Harris's head on the right, Mike Pence's on the left
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by y Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images and Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris will face off tonight at the only vice presidential debate of the 2020 campaign, two days after President Donald Trump returned to the White House after being hospitalized for the coronavirus. The two will stand 12 feet apart and be separated by plexiglass barriers (or a “fortress,” as Pence spokeswoman Katie Miller called it), since the virus has been rapidly spreading through Trump’s team. (Our vote: Move the debate to Zoom.) It’s likely that Harris will hammer Pence on the White House’s pandemic response, a safe bet for the most heated topic of the night.

If, like us, you still have a headache from the mess—we mean, presidential debate—that happened last week, tonight’s debate will presumably (hopefully!) be a calmer event. You should probably have a beverage ready just in case, though. Also good to have on hand: the instant spin room, where we’ve rounded up top liberal and conservative commentators. Below you’ll see liberal tweets on the left and conservative tweets on the right.

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