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Polls: Biden Enjoys Edge in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Is Tied in Georgia

Biden grins, pulling his mask down with one hand as he points toward the camera with the other hand
Joe Biden in Dallas, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. Angela Weiss/Getty Images

New polls released over the weekend show that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is enjoying slight leads or is tied in several key states that President Donald Trump won in 2016. A poll released Sunday by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler shows Biden ahead in Texas with 48 percent of likely voters, compared with 45 percent for Trump. That advantage is within the poll’s margin of error, but still a turnaround from September, when Trump was 2 points ahead of Biden. The keys to Biden’s turnaround in Texas are increased support among independents as well as a surge in support from Hispanics. While in September, Biden had a 30-point lead among Latinos, that has now increased to 48 points, or 69 percent, compared with 21 percent for Trump.

New editions of CBS News Battleground Tracker polls show Biden with a slight advantage in Florida—50 percent to 48 percent—and North Carolina—51 percent to 47 percent. Trump and Biden are tied in Georgia with 49 percent each. In the three states, those who have already voted favor Biden, while those who have not voted yet favor Trump.

Nationally speaking, Biden continues to hold on to his lead of around 9 to 10 points. That marks a key difference from 2016, when Trump was still behind Hillary Clinton but was seeing his numbers increase as Election Day approached. At this point in the 2016 race, Clinton had around a 4-point lead, which was down from a 7-point edge, notes CNN.

Another key difference from 2016 is that Biden has a much better favorability rating than Clinton. Biden has a near-even rating, with 44 percent of Americans viewing him favorably and 43 percent unfavorably, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll. Trump, on the other hand, has a minus-22 rating because only 35 percent view him favorably, while 57 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the president. The opinions of the two candidates haven’t changed much since the conventions.