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Joe Biden Has Tested Negative for COVID-19

Close-up of Joe Biden wearing a mask.
Biden has tested negative. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Joe Biden announced on Friday that he and his wife Jill have tested negative for COVID-19. “I hope this serves as a reminder: wear a mask, keep social distance, and wash your hands,” he wrote in a tweet. This comes after President Donald Trump announced early Friday morning that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive.

“Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden underwent PCR testing for COVID-19 today and COVID-19 was not detected. I am reporting this out in my capacity as both Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden’s primary care physician,” said Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor in a statement released by the campaign.


There had been speculation that Biden could have been infected when he met with Trump for Tuesday night’s debate. The two candidates were spaced more than 6 feet apart, though they were inside an atrium together and neither was wearing a mask. It’s unclear when exactly Trump caught the virus. One of his closest aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive on Thursday and has flown with him multiple times over the past week. Because all attendees of Tuesday night’s debate were tested beforehand, Trump likely did not test positive before interacting with Biden, which lowers the chances that transmission could have occurred.

Biden will need to be tested again later to confirm that he was not infected. His campaign has pledged to disclose if he or his running mate, Kamala Harris, who also tested negative on Thursday, ever has a confirmed case of the virus.