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The Trump Campaign Can’t Even Get Nationalism Right

A Trump campaign digital fundraising ad uses Russian jets flying over silhouetted soldiers walking in call to “support our troops.”
A Trump campaign digital fundraising ad uses Russian jets in call to “support our troops.” Make America Great Again Committee

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, like the candidate it supports, has never been known for competence or coherence when it comes to things like spelling, geography, and world history. The campaign—like the White House staff that serves Trump—often feels like a collection of misfit toys, willfully underqualified but bent on exacting revenge for decades of being cast aside for being just that: second rate. Who cares how you spell it, the Trump world thinking goes, who cares if that’s actually a Russian fighter jet in our campaign fundraising ad zooming over the banner “support our troops” … wait, what?

A Trump campaign digital ad aimed at bolstering its low-dollar fundraising effort tried to use the troops to bolster Trump’s case, but in a prototypical Trump self-own, Politico reports the campaign used an image of Russian fighter jets flying silhouetted over troops that appear to be carrying Russian-made weapons. The tagline “Support Our Troops. Show Your Support.” was emblazoned below the image. One would assume the Trump campaign meant support American troops, but who knows anymore? The ad was placed by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which is a jointly run reelection effort of the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign. The ad ran for four days, including on Sept. 11, which is a nice touch. But the Trump campaign can’t even get its own nationalism right.

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