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Watch Officer Fire Pepper Balls at Reporter in Louisville and Other Videos of Police Violence

A protester faces off with police during rioting and protests in Atlanta on May 29, 2020.
A protester faces off with police during rioting and protests in Atlanta on May 29, 2020. JOHN AMIS/Getty Images

As protests engulfed much of the United States on Friday night and Saturday morning, several videos were shared on social media that appeared to show violent actions by police officers toward protesters or those covering the protests. One video that quickly went viral on social media showed an officer in downtown Louisville shooting Kaitlin Rust, a reporter for a local NBC affiliate, with pepper balls during a protest. In the video, Rust can be seen reporting live from the protest when all of a sudden, an officer starts firing. Rust says she has no idea why she’s suddenly under attack and claims she is being struck by rubber bullets but the Louisville Metro Police Department later said that its officers don’t use rubber bullets. The department also apologized. The video was particularly poignant considering it took place shortly after a CNN reporter and his crew were arrested early Friday as they reported from Minneapolis.

Another video appears to show a police officer on a horse trampling over a protester in Houston. “We are aware of a video circulating showing one of our mounted patrol horses and a citizen. We are currently reviewing the circumstances behind the incident,” the Houston Police Department said.

There were also several shocking videos out of New York. In one, a police officer appears to slam a young woman to the ground. The woman, Dounya Zayer, says she asked an officer why she had to get out of the street. And he responded first by grabbing her cellphone and throwing it to the ground and then forcefully slamming her into the street.

Another video shows a police car in Brooklyn opening a car door into a protester who was on the street.  Yet another video from Brooklyn shows police officers hitting protesters with batons.