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Police Clash With Demonstrators Protesting Death of George Floyd

Protesters stand in a line in the street with their hands up as tear gas floods the scene.
Protesters clashed with police in Minneapolis on Tuesday. Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Minneapolis police used tear gas and reportedly rubber bullets against protesters Tuesday evening as demonstrators gathered and marched in memory of and demanding justice for George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in police custody Monday shortly after officers pinned him to the ground by the neck. A video of the arrest shot by a bystander showed Floyd on the ground, pleading with officers that he couldn’t breathe before passing out. The video quickly went viral and sparked outrage. Four of the officers, who were responding to a call about the use of forged documents to pay at a deli, were fired Tuesday. Later in the day, protesters gathered to march the roughly two miles from the site of the arrest to the police precinct building.

Officers in riot gear surrounded the precinct to protect it, and according to CBS Minnesota, videos showed officers deploying flash grenades, smoke bombs, and tear gas on demonstrators.

Videos emerged of protesters appearing to throw rocks at a police vehicle.

City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison shared a photo of protesters appearing to be fired on with tear gas at close range by police officers.

By the evening, violence intensified.