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Jeanine Pirro Pushes Back Against Social Media Speculation She Was Drunk on Fox News Show

Jeanine Pirro leans against a counter in the lobby, holding her phone
Jeanine Pirro at Trump Tower in New York on Jan. 13, 2017. Bryan R. Smith/Getty Images

There was something off about Jeanine Pirro’s weekly Fox News show from the beginning. Fox News anchor Jackie Ibañez covered for the Saturday night host for the first 15 minutes of the show. And when Pirro finally appeared, blaming “technical difficulties,” she seemed a bit off. The normally perfectly coiffed Pirro appeared disheveled, and many on social media said she appeared to be slurring her words—and even appeared to be nodding off at one point—leading to widespread speculation she had been drinking before going on air. Several were also quick to note that Pirro had an uncanny similarity to Cecily Strong’s impression of her on Saturday Night Live.

Fox News said on Saturday that Pirro was “broadcasting from her home for the first time” on Saturday and faced several technical difficulties that “impacted the quality of her show, including the loss of a teleprompter.” A source also tells the Wrap that Pirro did her own hair and makeup as more people are staying at home due to protocols set up to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Pirro also spoke up, responding to a couple of mocking tweets, saying her hair was not neat and tidy because of a piece of audio equipment in her ear that was “grabbing” her hair “and no staff around to notice.” Pirro added that she was in a truck that “had no connection, no visual and no teleprompter.” She also tweeted back to a critic: “Keep hating. U wear it well.”